Restauro Tessile
di Beyer and Perrone Da Zara


Conservation and restoration of antique textile objects:

tapestries, fabrics, embroideries, garments, upholstery, carpets and more!

Our company, founded in 2007, has a wealth of considerable experience. In fact we operate in the restoration sector for more than 20 years. Our business is mainly

carried out on protected assets, but also on objects of private commission. We have staff able to communicate in English, French

and German.

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Claudia Beyer

Claudia Beyer

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We specialize in the conservation and restoration of ancient textiles such as tapestries, carpets, lace, embroidery, furnishings and upholstery, vestments, woven fabrics and yarns, marionettes and puppets, costumes and clothing, flags and banners. of restoration on commission, we organize
training courses.

Costanza Perrone
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